8 min readApr 22
THIS IS AI REAL SHITWOLF SHOW! at the Glitch Art Gallery online && in 台北,台灣 (Taipei, Taiwan)

SHITWOLF ART brings together those of us who love to trash Art, to glitch Art; those of us who love Glitch Art && TRASH ART; and who have a sense of humor about making AI Art and Anti-Art in our current conditions!


“NO SIGNAL//NOT DEAD” by SHITWOLF carries the description: “INCIDENTAL TRASH BETTR THAN ART” shouting the message in the ALLCAPS of TRASHART. i love this!

no signal input is a hallmark of Noise Musics. alongside Punk and DADA, Noise Musics is an important pre-glitch predecessor, an ancestor who we inherit Glitch Art from. SHITWOLF’s tag ‘glitch’ in “NO SIGNAL//NOT DEAD” also connects us to the incidental && accidental in Art.

‘incidental’ can be ‘ambient.’ the incidental can be whats happening all around us, all the time. people may not notice these raw experiences of incidental glitch. the experience of an analog glitch (like the one captured by SHITWOLF in “NO SIGNAL//NOT DEAD”) was very common wen we were connecting and disconnecting analog video cables at home. while those days of analog video may be in the past for most folks, we all live in glitches now. glitch is all around us, ambient, incidental, and everyday.

like the buried treasures of TRASH ART, Glitch Artists dig what others throw-away. we catch and capture those times wen the signal is lost or becomes unstable. we love it when images break, bend, flicker, fail. we celebrate those moments because these ‘failures’ fuel our fires, driving us to push through, to proclaim (“NO SIGNAL//NOT DEAD!”) and continue to make Glitch Art, the Art of Surprise!

BLACK//RED//YELLOW: ai paint on canvas — SHITWOLF (2022)

Art and Anti-Art constantly coexist both within and without each other. like DADA and Punk, TRASH and Glitch are both a part of and (at times) opposed to Art. a vibrant Anti-Art sentiment flows through the work of SHITWOLF. wen SHITWOLF shouts “INCIDENTAL TRASH BETTR THAN ART” in ALLCAPS, the artwork’s description becomes a rallying cry, an anthem to celebrate a value system, to assert that TRASH is better than Art.


School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Film, Video, New Media and Animation dept; Art History, Theory and Criticism dept.