starting 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown), the Glitch Western…

jonCates and 林愛真 (Ei Jane Janet Lin) photographed by Kelly Braman

“wheres to start to tell the stories of 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown), the Glitch Western?

…ive bin thinkn/feeln abts how/where/when to start narrativizing the ways in which i have developed 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown), the Glitch Western. of course i could begin wit my early loves for and ongoing commitments to Glitch Art, Noise, and New Media in Chicago, online, and worldwide;

S230.2H — Mickey Mahoney (2010)
GLI.TC/H international festival of Noise && New Media in Chicago

or wit Americana && the politics of my love/hate relationship wit the Western film genre;

鬼鎮 (Ghosttown) the Glitch Western by jonCates

but i thin its best to begin wit 林愛真 (Ei Jane Janet Lin). as sum 01 once said: we got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout ;)
the development of 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown) is so directly interwoven and interrelated with my love and respect for 愛真 and the journeys our lives take us on as yawl will see in the details follow, from my initial research, cultural references, and personal touchstones, to the final forms that 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown) takes…

our love for one another and the ways in which we inspire each other runs like artlifeblood through these times, over and in these years, running to and into the oceans, for almost 10 years now.” — jonCates, Taipei, Taiwan (2020)

— jonCates, 台北,台灣 (Taipei, Taiwan), 20200815

further 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown) Glitch Western updates && adventures ⟶

School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Film, Video, New Media and Animation dept; Art History, Theory and Criticism dept.

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