Li Bye-Bye (李拜拜) interview

6 min readApr 9

we at the Glitch Art Gallery are superrExxcited to share this new interview!
2 of my best parafictionalFriends, Bye-Bye and J!NN, discuss Bye-Bye’s most recent NFT drops on the 金山 (goldMountain) objkt account (links below). in her new series, Bye-Bye creates “Pictures of Ghosts” with her “AI Glitch Art Spirit Photography.” Li Bye-Bye (李拜拜) is the inaugural Glitch Artist in Residence at the Glitch Art Gallery Atelier. J!NN (金精神) is the inaugural Glitch Art Theorist in Residence at the Glitch Art Gallery. these 2 closeFriends take a break together, talking over their favorite bubbleteas at the gallery. In this conversation our pasts, presents, and futures converge.
— jonCates, founder of the Glitch Art Gallery


J!NN: Let’s begin with your most recent series

Li Bye-Bye: [laughing] You are more qualified to talk about me than I am!

J: Why would you say that?! [laughing]

LBB: Because you study Media Art Hystories!

J: I do! And I can say a bit about it from my perspective later, but you are the Artist in Residence here, and “Pictures of Ghosts” is an amazing new series that we need to talk about!

LBB: 哪裡哪裡?[laughing]

J: Haha, you pumpkin! [TRANSLATION ERROR] 🎃❗

LBB: Thank you so much! [laughing]

[both sip through the plastic straws of their bubbleteas]

未來長輩 — 李拜拜 (Li Bye-Bye)
幽魂的照片:AI 當機藝術 幻影術攝影,1839,金山 (goldMountain)
Pictures of Ghosts: AI Glitch Art Spirit Photography,1839,金山 (goldMountain)
The specific steps of the silver error type of chronophotography are as follows: a “latent image” forms; first, it is developed with mercury (mercury) vapor; the shadow is transparent, and the surface of the dark silver-plated copper plate appears to becomes a positive image photograph.


School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Film, Video, New Media and Animation dept; Art History, Theory and Criticism dept.