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ITERATION’s amazing art crosses chains since she started minting in 2021! she has always focused on Glitch Art, making TRASH ART, being inspired by vaporwave && using all of these approaches in her work.

i 1rst fell for ITERATION’s AI Art approach to her “Refused Rose”s && “Refused Bouquet” during the TEZTRASH TRASHART event in July 2022. then i got transfixed by her “TRASHWAVE” works which bring all of the above aspects of her Art. she intertwines these to craft work that hits hard. while seeming to be deceptively straightforward, her work gets more and more complex every time ya spend sum time in her worlds…

Join us for this DOS DAO DISCUSSION in which ITΞRATION, selected as DOS Punks DAO Artist of the Month during April 2022, shares her unique perspectives. we begin wit her 1rst mint, her alphagenesis NFT on Ethereum, considered alongside her alpha on Tezos, then we start time traveling with her into the present, through her collaborative && singular computers, the “V A P O R Workstations”, to arrive in her home state of Texas!

“OVERTHINKING encapsulates my whole art and NFT journey thus far! This is the original OVERTHINKING and my first NFT design ever. I hope a ton of people can relate. Have you ever overthought your overthinking..? Welcome to my world.
Don’t overthink this one.
You will receive:
The high res original .JPG file
The high res original .TIF and .PDF file
A one of a kind digitally hand drawn thank-you note from me to you for your purchase of this piece. (I spent at least 10 minutes redoing this for your viewing pleasure.)
My eternal gratitude and promise that this is just the beginning of an epic NFT art career.
Thank you for checking out my work!
By purchasing this, you are purchasing the digital token representing the original edition of this piece of digital art.”


School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Film, Video, New Media and Animation dept; Art History, Theory and Criticism dept.