Innovation in Glitch Art

Glitch Artists: what’s innovation in Glitch Art?
Me: 🎁💝⚡😸💖✨❗‼️

Recently a question was posed on the Glitch Artists Collective, by Grant Holden, with responses from folks on what is considered or constitutes innovation in the field of Glitch Art. i responded:

content. && context. innovations in #GlitchArt will be technological, of course, because #Glitch as an #Art form, is a form of #NewMedia Art and involves technological materials, ie digital, analog, electronics, etc. simultaneously, and super importantly, innovating in content && context is in fact even more important (ie given #postglitch, Glitch Aesthetics, and the much bemoaned/celebrated/utilized phone apps ). any Art is never only material or technological bc even technologies themselves are deeply social constructs. so: content. && context.

also, as Liz Everett indicates, new technologies (ie codecs) beget new glitches. old technologies still have yet to be exploited/discovered ways of glitching also. one reason that involves both of these aspects is the ever changing qualities of operating systems. OS’s are changing and due to this, both new and old systems will behave badly differently/in different ways which are/become available for glitching && Glitch Art.

as we all (should) know, as Glitch Artists, technological positivism is false, a false promise, a false hope, a false desire. new technologies mean new problems, new glitches. this is the ever-changing, always-exciting/inspiring/surprising core aspect of our art of surprise, Glitch Art!


as an example, a deep New Fire inspiration for me is the work of Pearl Marie Salas. here is her realtime Glitch performance of "It Can Be Altered" from 2015:

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