on The Color of Fear…

i think/feel alot/often abt this film: The Color of Fear - Lee Mun Wah (1994)

if yve seen the film you’ll prolly recognize Victor Lee Lewis, founder and Director of the Radical Resilience Institute whose presence, patience, and intensities are unforgettable. as ppl often observe: the dialog that occurs 26 yrs ago is oc urgent today. everyOne in the film dedicates themselves to the film and each other with unflinching honesty. they get somewhere together, deconstructing racisms that they/we know 1rst hand. oc ppl know these lived realities differently

from my vector-view, i have to be responsible. i am thankful/grateful to those who inspire, challenge, and travel alongside. i work on myself as a cis-white-he/him who was raised in the brokendown midwastelands of these here imperialist settler-colonial cultures, with the privileges that violently confers. i’ll keep working on it everywhere + everywhen i can. its takes constant ongoing, hard, and sincere work to decolonize, to dismantle white supremacies, divest from privileges, decenter/disarm patriarchy, end institutional racism wherever + whenever we can, from the small scale of 1:1 to the ever larger pictures that ripple out and feedback in

as yawl know, none of this is new. as i say in my film, 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown), “There's a war on out here, been on for well over five hundred years...” i have to do this work everyday bc i need to honor and respect the work that ppl do now, today, and have done for hundreds of years… to learn from teachers’ and leaders’ lessons, joys, survival, and the legacies of so many who have/had to face everything everyday and cant ever look away

+above you’ll also see Gordon Clay who called himself out and said: “I'm here because, I'm a racist. And I've been working at it for-- at being-- unlearning that since '76. And I've still got it. And there's a lot of pain around that.” he prolly means 1976, when i was only 3, but he always makes me think of 1776… and what its like to grow up in the nationstate now known as the United States of America

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