Horsetraders Horsetrading Horse Art on Tezos

5 min readFeb 16, 2024
A Gift Horse With No Name — TEXADELIC (Minted July 31, 2023)

“The crazy thing is this whole thing started when I was working on the cabellero. I thought the caballero looked sad like he had a fight and I thought it would be cool if he had a fight with a horse in the background. I have pretty much completely finished the piece without the horse. I almost talked to myself into not putting a horse in there because I didn’t want to put more time into it. I whipped out that crazy horse pretty quick. It came really easy and fast. I like the horse so much I just put him on a green background. Then I found paintre three horses and I like it. I thought well maybe he’d trade that piece for three of my horses. I almost talked myself out of asking. I went ahead and did it anyway and he was down. He said we should get jonCates involved. That was the first round and now the second is all this. It just couldn’t have come together more organically and it still happening. Sometimes things are unbelievable but there you are. That’s true history of Horse Traders” — TEXADELIC · Sep 4, 2023, 9:04 AM

Horsetraders highlight community, Tezos, and objkt, via X. When communities get into an idea, like Horsetraders Horsetrading Horse Art, we expand our ideas together. We ride out on new journeys. We go adventuring. As Absurdeity says, we’re a “small group of wranglers chatting around the digital campfire.” We each reach out to Artists who we know && respect, whose Art we collect, inviting them into each Horsetrading event.

The Horse Art Horsetraders Association is our loose group of folks who create our events together, individually and organically. Keep on read’n to learn how you too can be a Horsetrader Horsetrading Horse Art on Tezos!

The Wrangler and the Radish (Hold the Horse) — TEXADELIC (Minted Sep 11, 2023)


Paulwhoisaghost @_TransparentArt wrote “An indepth guide to #horsetrading on #tezos, an ongoing sub culture of art for art with horse based theming.” (Sep 4, 2023)

“Warning: there is no “right” way to be a #horsetrader. Whatever gets you the best trades and is in keeping with the spirit of the community is fair game.

This is what I do.

1. You need a horse or horses to trade.
I had more $xtz than time when I got sucked in, so I went shopping.
But a good #horsetrader would make their own horse and mint it with the keywords “horseart”, “horsetrader” and/or “horsetrading”.
Here are some I collected to trade.

2. Put your horse on the market!
No that doesn’t mean list it on objkt. That’s not the point here. If you go sticking a price on your horse, it may discourage others from feeling they are getting a fair trade for theirs.
It means share it with us by using the tag #horsetrader here on twitterx. Tag a known trader like myself, @joncates , @TEXADELIC_EXP , @Pmcc251, @DehiscenceArt , or others you can find by searching the horsetraders hashtag.

3. If you have multiple horses to trade, start a thread with a comment for each horse you have to offer. Other traders can come to the thread and pick the horse they want by replying with a link to their horse and initiating a trade. Then you send them your horse and they send you theirs. It’s super easy.

4. Find other artists that are participating by searching the mint keywords on objkt or #horsetrader here on twitterx. If you like their horse, let them know and see if a trade can be made. OR you can be like legends @joncates and @TEXADELIC_EXP and just blindly send people your horse because you like theirs. But this is a gamble as some may not respond the way you want.

5. Be sure to watch your recently received tab on objkt during a trading season. You don’t have to participate, but the rewards for engagement are lucrative, imo. If you have horses for trade and someone sends you a horse you like, send them yours back, then engage them here and tag the trade details so we can revel in your skill.
If you don’t like the horse they sent, or don’t have one to offer in return, it’s okay to send it back, or explain your situation and ask if it could be a gift horse, most of us won’t mind… it’s more about the community engagement and art sharing than anything else.

6. Have fun with it.
Set up rare horses that you need to find just the right trade to let go of and be amazed at the art people offer for it.
Create 1/1 personalized horses to trade with a specific artists for their horse, like @UMBCREW did when he made this piece for a rare horse I had for trade.

Mr. Hands — 1WheelWilly (Minted Sep 3, 2023)

Bombard your favorite friendly creator with horses until they join in the horseplay! (Not responsible for any blocking that occurs)
The point in to appreciate each other’s work in a way that is free from financial burden and have fun doing it…. while glorifying horses of course.

7. Horse trading events are going to be recurring things.
I would keep a supply of trade horses on hand or have a wip in process for the next community event. @TEXADELIC_EXP is talkin about another trade next month. So consider this long weekend a crash course, and get yourself geared up for the next one, iffin you want my advice.

That’s it for now cowpokes. If you’ve got any #horsetrader tips, be sure to reply in the comments and hook me up. I love a good life hack.”

ghosts of The Northwest Territory — jonCates (Minted Feb 15, 2024)




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