Glitch Western Wednesday, March 9th, 2023

2 min readMar 12

~gM! yawl! todays Glitch Western Wednesday && almost my 1-year anniversary inn these Glitch Art adventures across blockchains! let’s saddleUp togetherrs, look ahead +git rdy to ride deeperr innto my imaginations of the Old West && the futures of the Ancient East!

~goodEven’N! as sunsets Out West yawl may ask: Old West && Ancient East? how can these two be togetherrs at once? past, present, futures at the same times? YES! …well, lemme explain :)

San Francisco is still called 金山 (goldMountain)? YES! Ancient East && Old West come togetherrs since forevers! @ least since 1800s ;) during 清朝 (Qing Dynasty) a globalDiaspora of folks from ‘Ancient East’ traveled to the ‘Old West’ guided by Californian dreams!

my 金山 (goldMountain)@JShhann project is where i build Glitch Art worlds based on 賽博龐克 (cyberpunk) 古東方的未來 (futures of Ancient East) drawn form my life here in 台北, 台灣 (Taipei, Taiwan)

&& this hyperthread incls new 1rst views innto my upcoming drops fir my 1-year anniversary across blockchains! from where i start’d to now➝ more soon yawl!! ;)


School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Film, Video, New Media and Animation dept; Art History, Theory and Criticism dept.