espinosa: mestizo glitch && visions of the unseen realm! DOS DAO DISCUSSIONS — jonCates (2023)

8 min readApr 11, 2023

espinosa: mestizo glitch && visions of the unseen realm
DOS PUNKS DAO Artist of the Month, March 2023

ANDEAN_GLITCH_DREAM_010 // ORO — espinosa (2022)

espinosa (he/they), mestizo Ecuadorian artist && creator of mestizo glitch is the DOS PUNKS DAO artist of the month for March 2023.
compute powers, or what folks used to call computers, are designed with ‘control’ at their center. these machines visualize control at their core. still, as we know, computers also always ‘go wrong.’
Glitch Art centers the artistic value of going wrong, in all the right ways, often celebrating errors, the unseen, and the strange operations of these meaning-making machines.
espinosa focuses on exactly these ‘weirdy’ ‘unexpected’ values of Glitch Art, the Art of surprise. espinosa adds to the vocabulary of Glitch Art creating the mestizo glitch genre. exploring the discarded, espinosa makes TRASH ART, pulling bits and pieces into new meaningful relationships. he constructs mysterious and moving works of Art. through these approaches espinosa tells his own personal stories and those of the culture traditions he is connected to and working from.
in this interview we discuss these and many more aspects of the amazing art and perspectives espinosa generously shares with us!

MMM/-11- — espinosa (2022)

jonCates: espinosa, lets get know you by letting the folks get to know how you start your day! do you start wit a coffee and sum GMs?

espinosa: rarely coffee although my partner drinks it every day — i do need a breakfast with lots of protein and maybe some nice fruit juice!

jonCates: sounds great! and superrHealthy! what time is that, when you start your day?

espinosa: the mornings during the week normally start around 8 AM in my household which is when my kid wakes up and we get ready to go to school so i can…




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