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From her 1rst mint to today, Empress Trash creates transformations. She bridges technologies. She celebrates the cycles of The Moon. She builds communities and brings people together. Her art connects us with her and each other. Her work is incredibly expressive and super supportive for the culture. Her artwork is exhibited worldwide and is shaping current definitions of Glitch Art. She shows us the potential for Glitch Art and TRASHART in the NFT space and beyond. Her most recent exhibitions, many simultaneous, include shows in NYC, Rome, Paris, London, Lisbon, Seoul, Melbourne, and many many more! She is wildly prolific and sets a dizzying pace. How does she keep up and keep going? What does she love most about her current home in Mexico City? What does the future hold? We catchUp to find out in this multi-part interview for DOS DAO DISCUSSIONS, covering all these topics and more! — jonCates


Crypto Punkz With Lunch — Empress Trash https://opensea.io/collection/cpwl

“I’m a punk who once was on the streets trying to help other punks and people on the street… What can we do with the intense amount of wealth in crypto and NFTs being exchanged to bridge the disparity between socio-economic classes and tech impoverished communities?” — Empress Trash (2021) *

jonCates: EMPRESS! lets start this DOS DAO DISCUSSION wit PUNK! its the perfect place for us to start. what does Punk mean to you?

ē๓prēŞŞ trคŞh: Punk music saved my life. I heard punk early and I learned it’s ok to rebel against ppl hurting me. I left home at 13. Punk was how I stayed safe and it saved me. When I was in rough living situations being punk was the sign that I’m not someone to try to hurt. I’m not saying I wasn’t hurt by people sometimes, but, overall I put on my leather and docs and I walk through the hood and I’m left alone. There is respect for punks overall from other poors. Punk is kindness and charity and do no harm but take no shit.

Punk saves lives. Art saves lives

Garbage Gremlinz #17. — Empress Trash https://objkt.com/asset/KT1WMt5EZ2TPx7WUUMXnwCwdLoFGL7nh8hUX/16

jonCates: you && i have talked specifically about gutterpunk before, and relationships between punk and DOS Punks, Glitch Art, and TRASHART…


School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Film, Video, New Media and Animation dept; Art History, Theory and Criticism dept.

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