elbi DOS DAO DISCUSSION — jonCates (2023)

6 min readJul 15

elbi, DOS DAO Artist of the Month for April 2023, is a multi-talented artist from Brasil who makes crosschain Digital Art. elbi’s NFTs include frame by frame animations, analog Video Art, Glitch Art, 3D, and more! HEN community references (the early platform for Digital Art on the Tezos blockchain) combined with skateboarding and found-footage carefully pulled from VHS tapes give us a window into the inner workings of elbi’s art-making process. elbi takes inspirations such as these and processes them into Animated GIFs, videos, and stills images with vibrant colors and dreamy distortions. we flow through time as elbi pilots “90s hardware through web3” to make the Art which carries us on this journey. join us for the ride && this DOS DAO DISCUSSION!

“frog” frog skateboards — elbi (Minted April 12, 2021 on hic et nunc [HEN]) https://objkt.com/asset/hicetnunc/30178

jonCates: from your 1rst mint to your more recent Art, skate culture plays an important role. how does skating motivate && inspire you?

elbi: I guess skateboarding has always been my main life influence, which naturally lead to it being very influential to my work. I was always into old tech, retro-gaming, vhs movies and stuff like that, I grew up consuming this kind of media so it was kinda normal to keep doing it unconsciously, but I guess the turning point was when I was like 14 years old and started watching skating videos recorded with the VX1000. That’s when I realized I was really in love for old tech and started seeing it’s potential, not only for art-making but also for personal porpuses like reconecting with my past. Besides that skateboarding has influented me for all sort of stuff like music and cinema, which are also very important for my work.

jonCates: for me skate and punk cultures of the 1980s are very present in Crypto Art. do you feel that way?

elbi: I was born in the late 90s. In general, I feel like Crypto Art is heavily influenced by the pre-2000 era, not only in aesthetic therms (glitch, generative, old tech art) but also in a way where everything seems new and unexplored, just like in the 80s and 90s.

“down the tv hole” Edirol v4 + Panasonic wj-mx30 + Mismatcher01
rescanned from Sony PVM 📺 — elbi (Minted Jun 7, 2023)

jonCates: what attracts you to “piloting 90s hardware through web3”?


School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Film, Video, New Media and Animation dept; Art History, Theory and Criticism dept.