drifting && glitching wit Somfay!

8 min readFeb 5, 2023

DOS DAO DISCUSSIONS — jonCates (2023)

Gravity Is A Dancer https://objkt.com/asset/KT1NNvHmg3rrekWdNbFZkZxhwFSQWz9uzSYU/113

Somfay is the DOS Punks DAO Artist of the Month for January 2023! Based in Ontario (Canada), Somfay is also “alive in the permanent sky” and online. Somfay believes in making and sharing art (visual and aural) that is accessible to “all who need it in their life,” while walking the path and drawing from the river only the water one needs, a lesson Somfay learned from the Indigenous knowledge of artist Norval Morrisseau, the Indigenous Canadian artist from the Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek First Nation.

Somfay’s personal and artistic path led to NFTs in early 2021. Somfay began minting a series called “Alive In The Permanent Sky” on OpenSea and Foundation in April of 2021 (since burned). Somfay then moved to Hic Et Nunc (HEN), minting “Debug” in the early summer of 2021. Somfay was inspired during this magical time to shift focus from music production to making visual art full-time. we recommend listening to Somfay’s music projects and releases (linked below) while reading this DOS DAO DISCUSSION with the artist ;)

Somfay codes and crafts signals through layers of feedback and self-reflection. Somfay works with digital systems (software) across a vast range of analog (physical) hardware for signal processing. Somfay also builds these Glitch Art devices. Somfay’s handbuilt machines (available directly from the artist) are known as “Hither Dither” and “Spectraloom”. We begin by jumping right into the work, across blockchains and genres, from Foundation to objkt, from AI to Glitch Art, and beyond, in the world of Somfay!

Lightbringer https://foundation.app/@somfay/somfay/2

jonCates: you create collections with AI and also (separately) through analog-to-digital Glitch Art video processes. when you embrace the unknown (through AI) or the unexpected (via Glitch Art) how do you navigate the rivers, the lucid dreams, the unconsciousness, or hypnogogic states you create? how do you know which ways to go?

Somfay: Our bodies and minds are masters of feedback. The cellular structures which make up our manifold are in a constant dance of equilibrium with one another; always a-chatter with electrochemical communication magic…




School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Film, Video, New Media and Animation dept; Art History, Theory and Criticism dept.