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welcome to cryptoart city — desultor (2023)

desultor joins jonCates at the saloon to chew the fat && continue DOS DAO DISCUSSIONS! we begin by discussing Crypto, Crypto Art, and then get in to all things desultor, from his early influences to most recent works. MAX CAPACITY swings in say’n, howdy to all his pals all ‘round, grabs a cold one, and saddles up to join the conversation. 🍺🍻💀

shady — desultor (2021)

jonCates: Crypto is often compared to the Wild West. what do you think of that ser? and how do you feel about Crypto Art?
desultor: aw shit feels accurate sometimes. gunslingers, rowdiness: no rules just right. Like some kinda manifest destiny, crypto art feels like an artists promised land in a world of chaos. it’s a place anyone in the world, of any flavor profile and experience can craft an identity, a body of work and engage folks 24/7

froggo 5946 — desultor (2022)

jonCates: speaking of identities, from one cryptocowpoke to another, how did you choose your name, desultor?
desultor: i knew when i started i wanted a name and look that was unique, that held some interesting underlying meaning, and that could be a recognizable brand. “desultors” in olden times were individuals skilled at jumping from horse or chariot to one another amidst crowds of spectators. a fine fit for crypto and nfts i’d say

MAX CAPACITY: How did you get into crypto/cryptoart/NFTs
desultor: in 2008 I got into cryptokitties, buying the most useless and worthless cats my unresearched fomo self could find. soon after I learned about opensea and started minting there, then rarible on eth. from there I went jam on foundation, known origin, hicetnunc and some. these days I’m either manifolding some editions, burning fakeasf to mint fake rares on etc, or throwing together teztrash

DEATHPUNK 108 — desultor (2021)

School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Film, Video, New Media and Animation dept; Art History, Theory and Criticism dept.