AI Glitch Art && nonhuman systems in the summer of 2022

3 min readOct 26, 2022

nonhuman systems in training are Machine Learning (ML), the more correct term for the ways in which they/we are refining image-production algorithms. AI Art ambiguity is specific to our era rn, in this development phase of nonhuman systems.

by which i mean that we have these specific opportunities in AI Glitch Art (image production) rn bc of the ways in which nonhuman systems are attempting/making/producing imgs.

to go a bit furtherr, i feel that these current AI Glitch Art opportunities are prolly going to expire and become more difficult to capture/create in near futures as resolutions scale.
of course, folks will try/build systems to create the look/feel of time-specific AI/ML models ie a ‘June 2022 MJ’ @midjourney aesthetic etc, however, their attempts will be bound by computing, by codesources that are {open|closed}, [blackboxed/proprietary], +/or [shared/sold].

&& then those specific aesthetics (ie ‘June 2022 MJ’) will resonate with folks + evoke memories of timeplaces. similar to aesthetics of MP3 compression +/or CD playback glitches due to surface damage on the discs. for perspectives on this aspect, see: The Aesthetics of Failure: “Post-Digital” Tendencies in Contemporary Computer Music by Kim Cascone (2000).

AI Art currently has a quality we could call ‘ambiguity’. Glitch Art is the art of surprise. AI Glitch Art combines ambiguity && surprise, enchanting us with unpredictable results, ambiguities that we, as humans, had not yet already envisioned.
AI Art’s ambiguity is a property of nonhuman attempts to create media recognizable to us. We want to see what we ask for; imagining control, envisioning the content of our prompts in resulting images. We ask for a campfire and find one to gatherr ‘round.

txt && art — jonCates summer 2022;
txt 1rst published to Twitter, July 24, 2022;
art 1rst published to objkt in the AI Glitch Western series, mechanicalInterventions: The Artificially Illustrated Glitch Western Primer for Machine Learnerrs




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