todaze: i watched Twin Peaks; streamed a beautiful noise event from ENEMY on my experimental online radio station; worked beachside in a cold Miami; curated/organized Dirty New Media with folks at an important Glitch Art Festival in Chicago; considered the majiks of ritual tattoos; visited as a Visiting Artist at Northwestern University; exhibited in Art Basel; taught Unity/VR at the School of the Art Institute; filmed trains coming and going from the stations; wore Santiago X’s design under sum winter camo; curated Art and Games in Chicago New Media at University of Illinois, in Gallery 400’s most well attended exhibition…

Jarid Scott Waniger proposed prompts for #glitchtober 2020 on the Glitch Artists Collective. i was immediately inspired by these prompts and determined to post throughout the month of October 2020. This post collects my posts from October 2020 which included new and previously unreleased original content from the worlds of 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown), the Glitch Western. — jonCates

01. bax inna times, out on the trails, i heard yawwwl love lines. so here is sum glitch’t grids like barbedwire && a skull, itself wrapped orr a wireframe for Day1 of glitchtober2020…

a film still from:
alterSchädel — jonCates (2020), a 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown) Glitch Western moment created by jonCates

a short film starring (+ visible in this still) Emily…

On Thursday November 12th 2020, i presented my work in the INDETERMINACY project of the University of Dundee, Scotland in their
THE FUTURE OF INDETERMINACY Virtual Workshops & Artists Talks:

hi yawl, this is an encounter in which we get to know each other and then we can hopefully stay in touch

today i will share with you views into my 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown) Glitch Western, my series of experimental Art Films and video games, Glitch Art Games. …

jonCates and 林愛真 (Ei Jane Janet Lin) photographed by Kelly Braman

“wheres to start to tell the stories of 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown), the Glitch Western?

…ive bin thinkn/feeln abts how/where/when to start narrativizing the ways in which i have developed 鬼鎮 (Ghosttown), the Glitch Western. of course i could begin wit my early loves for and ongoing commitments to Glitch Art, Noise, and New Media in Chicago, online, and worldwide;

Glitch Artists: what’s innovation in Glitch Art?
Me: 🎁💝⚡😸💖✨❗‼️

Recently a question was posed on the Glitch Artists Collective, by Grant Holden, with responses from folks on what is considered or constitutes innovation in the field of Glitch Art. i responded:

content. && context. innovations in #GlitchArt will be technological, of course, because #Glitch as an #Art form, is a form of #NewMedia Art and involves technological materials, ie digital, analog, electronics, etc. simultaneously, and super importantly, innovating in content && context is in fact even more important (ie given #postglitch, Glitch Aesthetics, and the much bemoaned/celebrated/utilized phone apps )…

Rosa Menkman is the consummate theory-practitioner of the ever moving/flowing media art known contentiously enough as Glitch or Glitch Art or Noise or Noise Art or Error or Disruption or Corruption or Loss or Failure or Obsolescence or Disappearance or a not so subtle dance between all these possible poles of existence in, of and between unstable categories…

Glitch — “A form of low frequency interference, appearing as a narrow horizontal bar moving vertically through the picture.”
Video Preservation: Glossary of Terms — Rebecca Bachman (1996)

As Menkman has written, this flow follows a movement over time through media from…

by Amanda Gutierrez, jon.satrom and jonCates (2006)

MESH Journal
Global/Regional Perspectives edition
North and South America

r4WB1t5 (pronounced “raw bits”) festival is an international, open, decentralised, distributed, conversational and collaborative event forsharing raw bits of Digital Art and dirty New Media. (A) r4WB1t5 fest instigates temporary platforms for discussing, developing and exchanging projects, resisting traditional art exhibition or performance situations. (A) r4WB1t5micro festival encourages digital punk DIY (Do It Yourself) strategies and collective DIT (Do It Together) artistic collaborations. Mobilising a decentralised Situationist festival that provokes a Revolution of Everyday Life (in…

Interviews, New Music, News, Sound Art
Interview with Jon Cates and Jake Elliott, Founders of Numbers.FM

Evan Merz: Why? Why start this sort of radio station right now? What was the inspiration?

NUMBERS.FM: The name of the station comes from those so-called “numbers stations,” shortwave radio broadcasts of people reading lists of numbers — probably encrypted dispatches to spies — that have been going on for the last 70 years or so. …

By Marisa Plumb — 13/02/2009

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School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Film, Video, New Media and Animation dept; Art History, Theory and Criticism dept.

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