ᔕ ᗩ ᗷ ᗩ T O, Glitch Art Gallery interview by 金精神 (Jing-Shen Gold)

10 min readSep 20, 2022
ᔕ ᗩ ᗷ ᗩ T O interviewed by J!NN, SEPTEMBER 2022 for 電腦記憶體, the Glitch Art Gallery Archive

Glitch Artist Sabato Visconti shows in galleries, festivals, and platforms across the world. His internationally recognized works are available on blockchains, especially the Tezos blockchain where he is an established oG (aka originalGlitch’err of the early days). His celebrated works span an amazing array of commitments: from critical analysis of Digital Art cultures to playful experiments with glitching games; from the newest technologies of postphotography to intentionally obsolete software; from Artificial Intelligence and 3-D scanning to computer-generated Capybaras and mapping his Brazilian identity.
Sabato agreed to be the first artist featured in the Glitch Art Gallery’s new Library-Archive: 電腦記憶體! 金精神 (Jing-Shen Gold), the inaugural theorist-in-residence at the Glitch Art Gallery, caughtUp with Sabato via IG. They discuss his work in the Superchief Gallery NFT exhibition “The Bastards — Post and Experimental Photography on the Tezos Blockchain”, decolonizing New Media, pet rabbits, and midnight snacks.
We are superrhappy to share this, our first featured artist interview, && wish to thank Sabato for spending his time with us to answer these questions. Hope yawl enjoy and welcomes to our archives!
謝謝! (TSYM!) 💚 — jonCates, founder of the Glitch Art Gallery

still from: Canoas Caiçaras — Sabato Visconti (2022), courtesy of the artist

金精神: hi ᔕ ᗩ ᗷ ᗩ T O! You can call me J!NN :)
Sabato: GM!
J!NN: Your new work “Canoas Caiçaras” for the The Bastards exhibition, curated by Kika Nicolela and Joanna Canara at Superchief Gallery NFT (in Los Angeles and online on objkt), is very beautiful! You are bringing glitch into conversation with Indigeneity. How were you first motivated to make this artwork?
Sabato: thank you so much for the kind words about “Canoas Caiçaras”
i’ve been wanting to create glitches with photogrammetry since getting a samsung phone with a lidar scanner in 2019, but the quality of the scanner was a little to rough to achieve what I wanted. Then last year, my 15-yr-old brother Joshie showed me the 3d scans he was making with his new iphone, so we collaborated on a series of works during Miami Art Week last year where I…




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